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Have you heard of Rest Based Training?...aka, RBT.

I like a workout that adapts to you, instead of you having to adapt to it. Now that’s mindful movement.

Rest Based Training or RBT really encompasses what it means to connect your movement to what your body needs. Combine this with syncing your movement and your cycle and BAM! You have a recipe for success. ⁠

Incorporating movement without tuning into your body can lead to hormonal imbalances, fatigue and illness. ⁠

What is it? The idea here is to make movement more intuitive and individualized by tuning into when your body needs rest and when it is able to push or exert via a time based worked (ie. I want to workout for 30 minutes). Your rest and exertion are based off of how your body is responding. With this training method, form is the indicator of when it is time to rest.

Why I love it?

  1. The rest to work ratio is completely up to you and what feels right for your body on a particular day.

  2. It is perfect for syncing your movement with your cycle and anyone wanting to maintain a specific training method, such as strength training, throughout their entire cycle.

  3. It keeps you moving from day to day, even when your energy is waning.

Another really great element to consider here is somatic healing. I've mentioned many times now how intuitive our body is. Well there is a field of psychology that focuses on this. It dives into how our body holds onto trauma and different ways we can use our body to help heal from it. ⁠

One of the methods of healing they incorporate is movement and recall. While this isn't exactly the same concept, it does allow you and your body to start to build trust together. ⁠

Movement is essential for our health and we also have to tune into what type of movement our body needs or how much is too much. ⁠

Have you ever heard how female athletes at the top of their sport will lose their menstrual cycle? That is because creating a human is a lot of work and if our bodies don't feel safe doing so because it doesn't have the resources available then it shuts it down. ⁠

It is all about balance. Always. ⁠

So for this reason, and many more, I really love RBT. It allows us to move while still tuning into what is best for our body.

Question: What is your favorite movement method and why? ⁠

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