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4 Ways To Add Some Intensity to Your Daily Walks

Updated: May 17, 2022

Here are my go-to add-in's when I want to increase the intensity of my walk for the day to give my movement a little more oomph.

When you first start adding these in, focus on one at a time during each walk to get used to the mindful movement and multitasking piece. Next time, add in another element and so on. ⁠

What do you like to do to make your walks more dynamic? ⁠

Once you're comfortable incorporating these pieces with your walks, you can switch it up throughout or combine elements (like the pelvic tuck with the big toe push off). I like to do something different each block to keep it interesting. ⁠

  1. Increase your walking speed: You can perform this incrementally, one block fast and one block slow, or at a steady state.

  2. Tune into your pelvic floor: Focus on breathing in = pelvic floor drops & relaxes and breathing out = pelvic floor rises & contracts.

  3. Get your core involved: Come in and out of a tight pelvic tuck throughout your walk. When tucked, feel contraction in low abs and try maintaining for 10-20 steps.

  4. Tune into your toes: Focus on using your big toe to push off in late stance of walking to better engage your arch.

Save this post to reference during your late luteal and early follicular phases! 🖤⁠

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