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How To Be Kinder To Your Future Self

Do you ever think about your future self? I do, all the time, and here’s why.

I’ve heard a lot of iterations of this saying throughout my life but over the years I’ve been slowly waking up to the power we have now to help ourselves in the future.

Everyday, the conscious choices I make are to be kind to my future self. To me, that’s the ultimate form of self care.

These are 5 ways I am already kind to my future self:

1️⃣ Prioritize sleep: It comes before pretty much everything… even relaxing with a TV show or good read after a long day.

2️⃣ 10-15 min pick-up at night: Waking up in the morning to a house that is picked up is important for me to have a good day.

3️⃣ Dynamic hydration: Not letting this slip helps keep me properly hydrated with my minerals and electrolytes in balance.

4️⃣ Sneaky probiotics: Splashes of kombucha, kefir in my yogurt, etc. I know good gut health has a huge impact on my overall health.

5️⃣ Stocking my house with essentials: Coconut water, bone broth, collagen, frozen fruits, etc. I want to know that when shit hits the fan, I have what I need to still take care of myself.

And these are the ways I could be kinder:

1️⃣ More consistent movement: Why do you think I want to help others?! Because I am terrible at it myself and if I can find something that works for me then I KNOW it will work for others.

2️⃣ Financial intelligence: Still an area I have a lot to learn in but I’m not giving up on it.

3️⃣ How I talk to myself: I know how much carryover this has in success, confidence and our experience of life. I’m way better than I used to be but still something I feel I still have a growth opportunity in.

Real talk, yo.

What’s one way you can be kinder to your future self today?

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