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My primary focus is on helping women with realistic habit formation when it comes to movement, mindfulness and daily routines, which allows for an improved quality of life for themselves and their family.

I have lived it and have come out on the other side with the clarity and perspective I needed to help women truly be successful. Ultimately, I am an example of what is possible when small sustainable shifts add up to big transformations. ​

Currently, we have two options available to you. One is more personalized to you and your needs and the other is more generalized but still packed with a wealth of information! 

1% of every sale goes to a charity of your choice. 

Please choose your charity below. 
Yoga Session

Moving with the Moon

Learn how to sync your movement with your cycle and the cycles of nature for sustainable and obtainable

 life-long movement. 

Yoga Pose

Hypermobility Assessment and Plan

Learn how to manage hypermobility in your body in order to improve energyy, strength and quality of life. 

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