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Star Wars Rebellion Refresher Package 2.0 13

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star wars rebellion refresher package 2.0 13

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Getting to know the story ofStar Wars, Horvath says, may be as simple as streaming the movie or playing the game, but as a game, its complexities are endless. Over the years, peoples understanding of this universe has grown, particularly when it comes to the characters and groups. This year, the Rebellionseries Star Warsgames, which are set before the movies, are adding that deeper level of understanding, Horvath says. The game provides a world filled with the Star Warsuniverse, where you can re-explore all of the cool characters and groups in the movies. The games are fun, and the story is so compelling, you can really dive into the story. You cant just experience it through a game, but you can go deeper.

The YT-1300p is one of the Rebellions most dependable starfighters, being built by the best commercial contractors, some of the most skillful armorers and technologists, and the most elite pilots. The Battle of Endor reinforced that in the war against the Empire, the Rebellion had a perfect working relationship with capable private corporations (such as Kihraxz and to a lesser extent the Covenent), and that despite the need for absolute precision, which is harder to achieve, it was a lot cheaper. It was also one of the most commonly piloted starfighters, seeing service even in the Eshilon system, and was thus well-equipped for the semi-rural cargo-transport duties of the Rebel Alliance. In addition to being the perfect freighter, the YT-1300p was also a highly-reliable fighter in its own right, even during the Clone Wars, and was often used to transport VIPs and other high-priority loads.


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