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Qnap Surveillance Station Pro License Hack

Those looking to upgrade their surveillance solution can consider next-generation solutions from QNAP. These include QVR Pro, which supports up to 128 camera channels and can be integrated with QVR Face smart facial recognition (license purchase required), or the subscription-based QVR Elite to have up to 192 camera channels with subscription fees starting from only US $1.99 per month. Users can centrally manage all QNAP surveillance servers, including Surveillance Station, QVR Pro and QVR Elite servers with QVR Center. (Note: The maximum number of channels supported varies by NAS model, network configuration, and camera settings.)

Qnap surveillance station pro license hack

To allow a smooth migration to next-generation surveillance applications, QNAP is offering Surveillance Station users with free QVR Elite 3-year licenses. Surveillance Station users can check if they are entitled to these free licenses on the event page: -elite-redemption. To learn more about QVR Pro, visit -pro To learn more about QVR Elite, visit -elite To learn more about QVR Center, visit -center

Security NotesYou must keep your private key secure! Security of public key authentication is dependent on your ability to secure the private key. You should avoid generating a key without a passphrase. If you have an unencrypted private key (no passphrase) stored on your workstation and if your workstation is compromised, your Client machines have been compromised too! If a hacker can obtain the private key they will have access to any client machines accessible with the public key. Further, in the event that your machine is compromised you should consider strongly the possibility that your keystrokes are being logged and therefore any private keys that ar protected by passphrases have likely been compromised.

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