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Hey, I'm Dr. Brit

I just want you to know, I have been where you are. I have experienced the same struggles when it comes to understanding how to care for my hypermobile body and I have learned ways to overcome them. Ways that are sustainable, obtainable and realistic.


Bonus: I've created a step by step process to take you from the reset + recovery phase all the way to rested + resilient. 

Are you ready to change your life, understanding your body and make Hypermobility your superpower?

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My Story

For many years, I knew my body and mind were different. After living it time and time again, I learned I couldn't treat my body the same as everyone around me and get the same results. My approach needed to be different but I didn't know why or what that looked like. In came Hypermobility

When I first truly discovered Hypermobility, I was working as a pediatric physical therapist. One of my patients was diagnosed with Ehler Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a diagnosis on the extreme end of the Hypermobility spectrum. From there my Hypermobility journey began. I started reading researching articles to better understand how to help her and work with her. The more I read, the more the symptom presentation of Hypermobility started to resonate with me. And the light clicked on: 

- Chronic gut difficulties 

- Extra flexible and bendy

- A tendency towards anxiety

- More fatigue than most 

- Dizziness on standing

... the similarities went on and on. 

Symptoms I had experienced for most of my life finally starting to fall into place under the puzzle of Hypermobility. It felt good to have answers and clarity on how everything was connected. The more research I did, the more my body made sense to me. 

Fast forward 5 years to the creation of Bloom EmBody, a company built on the belief that our bodies are bold + beautiful no matter what and we are able to bloom in even the muddiest of waters, just like the lotus. 

My passion for helping people with Hypermobility comes from my lived experiences and depth of knowledge in my area of expertise. Over time, I learned how to care for my body, my mind and the body & minds of the hypermobile clients I work with. 

Today, my daughter, born with both of her hips dislocated and demonstrating signs of Hypermobility herself will grow up understanding how to care for her beautifully bendy body. And for that, I am thankful! 

About Me

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in hypermobility and women's health.


Through a holistic approach to well-being, I help women feel empowered in their ability to create sustainable and attainable shifts in understanding how to care for their bodies and minds across their lifespan.


My background in hypermobility, holistic health, the female cycle, and the pelvic floor has allowed me to connect the dots in helping women fully understand how to care for their beautifully bendy bodies.

Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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