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As a physical therapist and hypermobile Mama, I know how import movement is for my overall health but it always seemed to drop to the bottom of my priority list and I could never get into a true flow when it came to moving regularly. After I had my daughter, I quickly realized my body needed a lot of work. Women's health is beautiful and complex. I needed to find a movement plan that worked for me. It wasn't until I started tuning into the rhythm of my body and nature, things started to make sense.


This is why I created Moving with the Moon, a program where we use our menstrual cycle, the moon and the seasons to implement a movement plan build for YOUR body. It truly makes sense and as busy mom's it fits into the flow of our life and how we are designed as women.


It works is because it allows us to work with our bodies natural flow instead of against it. It is long term thinking and creates long lasting results with the ultimate goal being to truly care for our bodies ever shifting needs.

I have lived it and have come out on the other side with the clarity and perspective I needed to help women truly be successful. 

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