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This guide includes: 

- Breaking down the foundational pieces of health: sleep, movement and consumption

- The basic's of living cyclically 

- Tuning into your hormonal cycle, the moon cycle, seasonal shifts and circadian rhythms

- How to succesfully get back into movement again

- And so much more! 

Moving with the Moon Guide & Playbook

  • Your guide to learning about the cycles within your body and nature and how to live in harmony with them.


    Using our guides, your Cycle, the Moon and the Season, the goal of this guide is to: 

    1. Create a movement plan that is obtainable in your day to day life.

    2. Get you in tune with your body's cycle and the cycles of nature.

    3. Create a movement plan that is sustainable for the long term.

    4. Honor where your body is currently and build it respectfully from there.


    Why does syncing your movement with your cycle work so well?

    We, as women, are always cycling, it provides structured variety and it is easy to stay on track. 

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