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Check out THIS movement Myth Buster...

REST… is actually really good for you.

Why rest is important⁠?

⓵ Allows to you stay in tune with your hormonal rhythm = rest during menstruation.

⓶ Allows for muscular repair and increased strength.

⓷ Improves long term outcomes when incorporated correctly.

Do you incorporate rest days? Let me know below.

To break it down a little more:

⓵As a woman, your hormonal rhythm allows for your energy reserves to be in a cyclical ebb and flow. You can utilize this to your advantage by tuning into them and building a workout routine based on your personal rhythm. This allows for your body to be fully supported at all points in your cycle. ⁠Your lightest days of working out would be when you are menstruating.

⓶ Every time you workout, your muscles break down. From there, they need to rebuild and when they do, they rebuild slightly stronger than before. This leads to increased strength over time. When we give our body a rest day, we allow for the muscles to properly rebuild before they're broken down again during your next workout.

⓷ When you properly support your body with movement and rest, your outcomes are improved long term. On your push days, you are able to push even more because your body has the reserves to do so instead of being depleted and burnt out. Long term this leads to increased strength and cardiovascular outcomes.

So, what is an optimal rest/workout ratio?

- I prefer to do 2-3 days on and 1 day off. This leads to 5-6 days working out a week and 1-2 rest days a week.⁠

Can still move on your rest days?⁠

- Rest days do not have to mean zero movement. You can still move! I love to go for a walk with my husband and baby or do some light yoga.


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