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Moving with Your Menstrual Cycle

SYNCING with your CYCLE. One of my favorite bio hacks and I'm here to tell you how to dive in Mama!⁠

Every phase of our cycle is different because of our hormonal rhythm. At some points our energy reserves are higher. At others, our energy reserves are naturally lower. When we honor this shift we allow our body to be supported all month long. What does this lead to?⁠

1️⃣ Better overall recovery due to not forcing our body to push through something it doesn't have the reserves for. ⁠

2️⃣ More natural movement fluctuations from week to week and therefore less barriers to entry with movement. ⁠

3️⃣ Improved overall health and fertility due to allowing our body to communicate to us when it can and can't tolerate extra stressors. ⁠

What does this look like for each phase? ⁠

✴️ Follicular - As estrogen and testosterone start to rise, so too will your energy. Your body is able to repair muscle faster during this phase so high intensity cardio movement will be better supported. ⁠

✴️ Ovulation Window - As our most energy abundant phase, now would be the time to attempt a PR you have been working towards. Be conscious of form because your risk of injury is higher during the ovulation window due to an increase in joint laxity. ⁠

✴️ Luteal - I like to break this phase up into two windows because of its length. On the first half, play off the increased energy experienced during ovulation and continue to incorporate strength training or more demanding movement. During the second half, start to wind down your movement as your body prepares for menstruation. ⁠Pilates or flow yoga would be great here.⁠

✴️ Menstruation - As estrogen and progesterone decline, gentle exercise and movement is recommended to avoid depleting our already depleted stores. ⁠Walks and easy hikes are a great option.⁠

Interested in 1-on-1 movement coaching? Email me at or call/text me at 720-819-6348.

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