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Canon Service Mode Tool Version 1.050 For Mac =LINK=

The drop-down choices for different photo sizes are not very user-friendly. For example, if you don't know the difference between 1.5x Wide, 2x Wide, or 3x Wide, the program isn't going to help you figure it out. You can always use the Keystone Correction mode, which works with a single image, or the multi-image Auto Select function. Manually Select Mode works with an image, a selected area, or an entire image.

Canon service mode tool version 1.050 for mac


Whatever you want to do with the images, the program is pretty adept. I had the most success with the two print-prep tools, which "shape images for enlargement" and "print with a textured background." While the full-size image preview won't let you see the effect, a smaller window makes this work well. In the long run, I often used the Print dialog instead of the Print Prep dialog, since it has more space to work with. Several other tools, such as crop, rotate, pan, and zoom, are also relatively easy to use.

Unlike other Canon tools, the Canon service mode tool supports the Canon DNG format, which you can find here. Develop mode has all the standard advanced adjustments and filters. It looks more like Photoshop than ACDSee, but I was reasonably happy with the results. I was disappointed that manual setting of some sliders had little or no effect in the program's Develop mode. You'd think that choosing a small image's midtone contrast would make more of a difference than choosing something far on the other side of the scale.

Though not the most useful, the program has some standard tools. You get a crop tool that uses an aspect ratio rule to force a change in the image's aspect ratio, and rotate, flip, rotate again, print, sharpen, restore, and clone tools. You can also convert images to the Sony, Grayscale, and Grayscale + Black and White standard image formats. And when it opens an image from a CompactFlash, Memory Stick, or other storage format, the program will automatically combine images from multiple storage media in the first image or batch menu. The standard developer tools offer basic size and color adjustments. In addition, the program can do a few more tricky adjustments, like shifting the sharpness or contrast sliders.

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