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I have a TH400 and i used a lokar kickdown cable that plugs into the tranny drivers side then runs to the fuse box for the current. then the cables connected to the drivers side of my 750 double pumper Holley carb in front of the accelerator cable with a bracket. The one you show i have never seen. It is a 1980 transmission out of a suburban. I have this in a 1969 nova with a BB

tranny trick site down

I have a turbo 400 with a two pronged male connector on the drivers side. I have a stall converter and a B&M trick shift kit installed. Will I have any problems with up shift and line pressures inside tranny if I do not use this connect? If so, which terminals need to be wired and what do I have to install? Do I need some sort of WOT application? Does no electric to this connection at all adversely affect me?

The next step is to hide your balls. This is essential for all methods of dick tucking, so it's important to get your technique nailed down. Stretch your wang forward as far as you can and gingerly push your testicles up one at a time, back into that cavity where they were hiding before puberty. This usually isn't painful, so if you feel like you're about to barf while fainting, you're doing something wrong. A tip: This is easiest to do while lying on your back, delicately finessing your testes like a pair of Chinese meditation balls until they sloonk right up in. Getting into a bathtub full of cold water immediately beforehand can also help. Now you're ready for the most important step: hiding your tube steak. Depending on your size and preference, there are three ways to do this, which have been passed down from tranny fathers to ladyboy sons for generations. We've summarized them below.

She forced her ass down over my cock and it was a great feeling I came after only 4 rams up her ass but continued to go. We were now on the floor and I was all over her kissing her neck and playing with her tongue with my own. Just then all my friends walk in, they had had a key from reception, I didn't even notice but kept on ramming her, luckily they saw that I was in the middle of something and left, to this day most do not know it was a tranny.

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