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Where Can I Buy A Small Tv

Even though 55-inch and 65-inch models have become the most popular TV sizes, smaller TVs are still important to many people. These sizes are great for a secondary TV, like in student dorm rooms or a guest room, and if you have the space, even in a kitchen. Although you usually won't get the most advanced features or the best picture quality, there are still many decent TVs available in smaller sizes.

where can i buy a small tv

We've bought and tested more than 375 TVs, and below you'll find our picks for the best small TVs available to buy. See our recommendations for the best smart TVs, the best 32-inch TVs, and the best 40-42-43-inch TVs.

The best small TV we've tested is the Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA. It's a decent entry-level TV and is one of the only 32-inch TVs with similar performance to the larger sizes, including a 4k resolution. It delivers decent picture quality, with a high contrast ratio for deep blacks in a dark room and great peak brightness in SDR. It handles glare well thanks to its decent reflection handling, making it a good choice for an office or bedroom with lots of light.

If you want a cheap TV or need something small for a bedroom or kitchen with limited space, check out the TCL 32S327. Although it delivers just basic picture quality, it's still a great choice as the best small smart TV because it comes with Roku TV built-in, which is a user-friendly smart platform with a great selection of streaming apps. It means you can watch your favorite content without needing an external streaming device or cable box, so you can easily hook up your TV and start playing content.

The 32S327 variant has a 1080p resolution like the 40-inch model we tested, so if you find the 32-inch size too small, you can get something a bit bigger too. In terms of picture quality, it has excellent pre-calibration accuracy, which is great because you can't calibrate the TV, and images look realistic right out of the box. It doesn't get bright enough to fight a ton of glare, so it's not a good choice for a bright room, but it displays deep, uniform blacks, so it's a good choice for a dark to moderately lit room.

Unlike many mid-range TVs available in a small size, it also has gaming features like HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and variable refresh rate (VRR) support. These make it fully compatible with the Xbox Series X and PS5. Even if you don't game and just want to stream your favorite content, the Google TV interface has a ton of apps to download. If you find the 43-inch screen size too big, check out the Samsung Q60/Q60A QLED, a 4k TV available in 32 and 43 inches, but the Sony has slightly better picture quality and better gaming features.

Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best small TVs or the best small smart TV to buy for most people in each price range. We factor in the price (a cheaper TV wins over a pricier one if the difference isn't worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our reviews of TVs that are available in 43-inch sizes and smaller. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no TV is perfect, most TVs are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.

For those who want exceptional picture quality in a smaller form, the vast majority of 32-inch TVs will leave you wanting, since they generally lack the higher-performance technologies that we look for in our guides to the Best LCD/LED TV and Best 4K TV on a Budget (we discuss some specifics in the next section). To get these technologies, you may have to move up to at least a 43-inch screen size.

Sound quality: In talking with people who own or plan to buy smaller TVs, we found that most of them did not intend to connect an external sound system, like a soundbar or surround-sound system, to a TV this small. That means the speaker quality matters, so we evaluated how loud the speakers could play, how evenly balanced the sound was, and especially how clear voices and dialogue sounded.

Size isn't everything, as the best 32-inch TVs can attest to. Many of these smaller screens offer much sharper 720p or 1080p picture quality thanks to their compact display. This means there's much less risk of the displayed image appearing blurry as a result of poor upscaling on a larger 4K-capable TV. Some even offer HDR, injecting that smaller, sharper screen with a burst of color.

The smaller size of a 32-inch TV also means that they're offered a good degree more in the way of portability. Need to move the TV to a different room or house? It's far more manageable with a smaller 32-inch TV than with a 4K giant.

The TVs we've recommended here have lots in common with their bigger siblings. Many of them have the same tech as more expensive models, and share the same smart TV interfaces. And unfortunately many of them also have the same problem as more expensive models, which tend to have fairly lackluster sound. That's an easy fix: we'd definitely recommend investing in one of the best soundbars to truly bring things to life. The Sonos Ray is a particularly good affordable option that looks and sounds great and doesn't visually overpower smaller-sized TVs.

While the name might not exactly jump out at you, Vizio's small screen hits dead center for balancing features and price. You don't get a 1080p Full HD screen, but you get a full array LED backlight, which means a brighter image that's easier to see during the day. You also get smart TV features full of the most popular streaming services (including Netflix, YouTube and Hulu) on the SmartCast platform, which is also used on Vizio's high-end sets.

The TCL 3-Series isn't the most technically impressive model in our best TCL TVs guide, but it does offer a lot for the price. At a 32-inch size, this small TV packs in Full HD resolution, direct full-array dimming (no edge lighting then) and even the excellent Roku operating system found on a host of other TCL TVs.

Cello might be a humble British TV brand, but it knows how to cater to those on a tight budget and those in need of a smaller-than-standard screen. The Cello Smart Android TV starts at just 179 for a 24-inch size, and comes in at 199 for a 32-inch TV size.

We previously recommended the 32S327 TV from TCL as our best overall small TV because it offers a more detailed 1080p picture and has three HDMI ports compared to the 3-Series' two. However, that model is from 2019 and lacks useful features like Bluetooth audio support and voice controls, and it doesn't have an Ethernet port.

The Frame, which doubles as a stunning art exhibition when you're not watching your favorite shows, is a fresh new take on a high-end TV by Samsung. When in art mode, the small TV can display more than 100 gorgeous free works of art, as well as your personal photos.

When it comes to picture quality, the Frame features an ultra-HD 4K and support for HDR, so it's much more vivid than most small televisions. If you want a unique television that is unlike any other, you can't go wrong with this one!

If you can afford it, the C2 series is the best small TV money can buy. It delivers a surprisingly robust virtual 7.1.2 channel surround sound, deeper blacks, higher contrast, and improved viewing angles. You can also cast video from your iPhone or tablet using AirPlay 2, plus search for content and perform tasks with voice commands.

This 43-inch TV by Hisense features four HDMI inputs, while most other small TVs only have one or two. The display offers a crisp 4K Ultra HD resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate with minimal motion blur, which means that it's a good choice for gamers, too.

This basic small TV from Samsung is equipped with a 32-inch 1080p LED display that offers a more detailed picture compared to other models since many small TVs only have a 720p resolution. My biggest complaint is that this model has just two HDMI ports, while others in its price range offer at least three ports.

Editor's Note: This TV's successor is now available for purchase, but it's worth mentioning that the smallest variant is 43 inches, compared to the Q60A's 32 inches. Last year's model was still in stock at the time of publishing.

This 24-inch Vizio D-Series TV allows you to cast content from your favorite streaming apps and services via your mobile device. Key features of this small TV include a 1080p LED display panel and Dolby Atmos audio support. Features like these aren't available on small TVs in competing price ranges like the Insignia Class F20 Series, and they will definitely improve your overall viewing experience.

You can control this small TV by using your voice through your Google Assistant-powered smart speaker. The TV conveniently has AirPlay 2 onboard for easily mirroring your iPhone's display. This feature definitely comes in handy for those who always lose the remote and want to control playback from your smartphone.

I think its 43-inch size is the perfect balance between being small enough for most setups and large enough to experience all that 4K content has to offer. Because of its low input lag and excellent motion handling, this model is ideal for gamers and will work well as a PC monitor.

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