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Doors offer privacy and a way to divide the floor plan of your home, and they can also be an important design element. On, you can explore popular types of interior doors and find ways to separate rooms in style.


If you want a traditional interior door that swings from hinges on one side, you can choose between a slab door or prehung doors. A slab, which is simply the door itself, comes without hinges, other hardware or a frame. Prehung interior doors come already fitted with hinges and with a hole predrilled in preparation for a handle. Some prehung doors may come with a frame or door casing.

Choose from a variety of materials, including wood and glass. For a truly vintage or a distressed look, consider an interior barn door made from reclaimed wood. For a more modern style, look for glass interior doors.

French doors are a classic design for both interior and exterior use. You typically see French doors as a set of double doors that feature glass panels framed by wood. They often also have a wooden grill that gives the glass panel the look of small windowpanes. Interior French doors are a great choice if you want to separate two spaces but still want them to feel connected, as the glass will allow you to see into the next room.

Your home's exterior doors can contribute significantly to air leakage, and can also waste energy through conduction, especially if it's old, uninsulated, improperly installed, and/or improperly air sealed. Weatherstripping can reduce the energy losses due to air leakage.

When selecting doors for energy efficiency, it's important to first consider their energy performance ratings in relation to the local climate and your home's design. This will help narrow your selection. Look for the ENERGY STAR label to help identify energy efficient products for your climate.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label helps you compare energy performance ratings of doors. The label shows the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and U-factor for the door. Learn more about the NFRC label.

The R-values of most steel and fiberglass-clad entry doors range from R-5 to R-6, excluding a window. For example, a 1-1/2 inch (3.81 cm) thick door without a window offers more than five times the insulating value of a solid wood door of the same size.

Single-pane glass or "patio" doors, especially sliding glass doors, lose much more heat than other types of doors because glass is a very poor insulator. Models with several layers of glass, low-emissivity coatings, and/or low-conductivity gases between the glass panes are a good investment. Most modern glass doors with metal frames have a thermal break, which is a plastic insulator between inner and outer parts of the frame. When buying or replacing patio doors, swinging doors generally offer a tighter seal than sliding types. Look at NFRC labels to find air leakage ratings. A door with one fixed panel will have less air leakage than a door with two operating panels.

It's impossible to stop all the air leakage around the weatherstripping on a sliding glass door and still be able to use the door. In addition, after years of use the weatherstripping wears down, so air leakage increases as the door ages. If the manufacturer has made it possible to do so, you can replace worn weatherstripping on sliding glass doors.

When you buy a door, it will probably be pre-hung. Pre-hung doors usually come with wood or steel frames. You will need to remove an existing doorframe from the rough opening before you install a pre-hung door. The doorframe must be as square as possible, so that the door seals tightly to the jamb and swings properly.

Storm door frames are usually made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or wood (painted or not). Wooden storm doors require more maintenance than the other types. Metal-framed storm doors might have foam insulation inside their frames for added strength.

High-quality storm doors use low-emissivity (low-e) glass or glazing to increase energy efficiency. Other features may include screens with self-storing pockets, full-length screens with removable glass panels, and screens and glass that slide past each other. All of these features add convenience and cost.

Storm doors for patio doors are hard to find, but they are available. Adding one to a new, multi-glazed low-e door is seldom economic. Insulating attachments such as cellular shades, when closed for the night in winter or on sunny days in summer, are also a good idea.

These beautiful exterior doors come in several styles, including traditional French doors and sliding patio doors, and can be customized with a variety of hardware styles and finishes, grille patterns, and interior stains.

Our Alliance Window Systems windows and patio doors are specifically designed to meet the discerning needs of architects, builders, homeowners, and the changing needs of the residential building industry. The result is a high-performance series of vinyl windows that feature aesthetically integrated window styles, strength, and durability.

TKO loading dock doors lead the industry in efficiency, durability, and performance. From impactable doors that can stand up to years of heavy use and abuse to cold storage doors designed to keep vital goods at the right temperature without sacrificing energy efficiency, TKO doors are the right answer for your loading dock.

We're glad you're here. Neuma Doors is your source for beautiful, durable fiberglass entry doors. Get to know more about what Neuma Doors can offer and let's work together to make your dream door a reality.

Builders FirstSource sells a huge selection of front doors, door knobs, and prehung interior doors for all of your projects. From weather-stripping to custom entry doors, Builders FirstSource has what you need.

When selecting hardware for your doors, Builders FirstSource has an assortment of door knobs, door levers, handlesets, deadbolts, padlocks, door closers, door security, door hinges, folding and sliding door hardware, and door accessories for any project.

Outdoor living begins with a patio door that opens a room up to the great outdoors. In hinged or sliding configurations, patio doors are a source of natural light and provide an amazing visual extension to a home.

For more than 40 years now, the Poughkeepsie, NY- based company has firmly established itself as a trusted leader in the sales, service and installation of garage doors here in the Hudson Valley. The company prides itself on being family-owned and operated, providing personal, reliable service that homeowners, businesses and municipalities have come to count on. Its customers run the gamut, from individuals who need help fixing or installing residential garage doors to commercial clients at car dealerships, firehouses, schools, supermarkets, town buildings and local stores who want to do the same. The one thing they all have in common is turning to Dutchess Overhead Doors.

As the world-leading high speed roll-up door manufacturer, Albany provides sophisticated products that are designed for a wide range of applications in various industries. Providing custom solutions for any entrance, our valued clients have trusted in Albany high speed roll-up doors for decades and we take pride in maintaining those relationships. Our reliable high speed doors have been installed and used for cold storage & freezers, mining, manufacturing facilities, transportation depots, parking garages, cleanrooms, hygienic spaces, high pressure zones, and many other unique applications.

For entrances that demand more, Albany products offer a comprehensive selection of high speed rolling doors. Our doors are durable, efficient, and rugged, allowing your operation to run smoothly. Albany high speed doors enhance the flow and convenience of your business by creating entrance solutions for the front, back, and interior of your building. Albany has been a trusted high speed door manufacturer for decades and we are always seeking new innovations to enhance productivity for our valued clients.

We offer a wide variety of high-performance specialty doors to keep your operation running smoothly. Designed to deliver security, strength and smooth performance, a well-built exterior door keeps the flow of equipment, materials and people moving throughout your facility.

With an array of applications spanning from storefront to healthcare and beyond, STANLEY doors are fit for any scenario. Browse our applications to learn more about the many innovative solutions we offer.

Pinnacle patio doors are offered in a variety of sizes and styles and are known for their strength, quality and aesthetics. They are easy to operate, and our heavy-duty weatherstripping will ready them for the changing seasons.

All Next Dimension sliding patio doors can be fitted with an optional blinds between the glass system, which features simple, no-cord operation safe for pets and children, lift and tilt functionality and effortless cleaning.

Bi-fold doors fold like an accordion to create wide-open entryways. A multi-point locking system provides uncompromised security, while the revolutionary hinge system provides stability and smooth operation.

Multi-slide patio doors allow you to slide multiple panels on a rail, providing the opportunity for wider openings and cleaner entryways. Available in stacking or pocket configurations up to 20 feet wide.

Lift & Slide patio doors allow you to slide multiple panels on a rail, providing the opportunity for wider openings and cleaner entryways. Available in stacking or pocket configurations up to 20 feet wide.

The bronze doors are curved, with a semicircular tympanum above two valves that are divided into four panels each. Techniques of Renaissance perspective and different levels of relief give each scene a sense of depth. 041b061a72


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