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Magic The Gathering Best Deck To Buy

A small reminder here that Meathook Massacre was recently banned from Standard. While some players do not agree with its reasoning, this was done to attempt to lessen the stranglehold that Black has over the metagame. Here are some of the best MTG Arena decks as of the ban in October 2022.

magic the gathering best deck to buy

Having access to countermagic like Make Disappear is also very good in a midrange format. Tempo swings become a lot more important, and doing something while delaying your opponent is a great way to win the game. This is, therefore, considered by many to be one of the best MTG Arena decks in standard right now.

But before we start trying to prove how much we love the game, we want to help you find what you need to build a beginner deck and gain a foundational understanding of the game! So here are our recommendations for the best Magic the Gathering decks for beginners.

There are hundreds of decks and kits you can buy to get started. But more than half the fun of Magic the Gathering is building your own deck based on your preferences and playstyle! So once you have the rules down, sometimes the best way to learn is to just start buying bulk cards and booster packs and run wild!

For most formats, there is no maximum limit on the number of cards you can have in your deck. However, the more cards you have in your deck, the lower the chances of you drawing your best cards. Try to keep your deck count at 60 if possible. For more on the number of cards in different formats, see How Many Cards in an MTG deck? Deck Size.

Aggro decks typically consist of one or two colors. The most popular colors for these types of decks are white, red, and green, since they have the best aggressive creatures. Blue and black aggro decks have existed in the past, but these are less common.

Some players love putting planeswalkers in their decks. I think the best places for a planeswalker are in midrange and control decks, since their main strength lies in gaining incremental advantages over the course of a game.

My guess is that maybe half of the decks that made my Top 10 could reliably trade games with a modern Dredge deck... But that doesn't mean anything, any more than it means that either boogeyman Dredge or newcomer Doran is one of the best Extended decks of all time. The most important thing to me when analyzing formats is the edge and appropriateness of a deck when contextualizing to a particular format. How much better than a default deck was this deck at the time? How likely was it to win the tournament? What if they ran the same tournament again? Dredge is a modern-day monster, certainly out-gunning even most of its contemporaries and breezing through tournaments when unencumbered, but it is rarely the most likely deck to win any particular tournament, any more than Doran or Red Deck Wins, even though any of them is capable. Compare that to Broken Jar, Miracle Grow at its debut, or Oath of Druids in the able hands of Robert Maher, Jr. The next most important thing to me is the legacy that a deck leaves behind. How did this deck leave its mark on Magic? Did it somehow change the universe? Many of these beauties did.

Legacy: Tax Rack was probably the best Scroll Rack deck ever in terms of sheer efficiency, but following the rotation of Land Tax from Extended, there were certainly some other interesting looks, including Zvi Mowshowitz's numerous engines and the deck that Randy used to win the Standard title at the 1998 U.S. National Championships, Mulch-Rack / Oath.

Context: By the win in Chicago, Oath was known. Moreover, it was known to be one of the best decks. Nevertheless, Maher navigated hostile tournaments on consecutive occasions to win in Chicago and Seattle; the latter being even more impressive due to the emergence of Pooh Burn (the anti-Oath red deck) and more importantly, the Your Move Games Hall of Fame duo of Dougherty and Kastle with Black-Blue Trix (both would make Top 16 in Seattle and Top 8 later in the season).

Maher's win in Chicago was just magical Magic. Maher v. Davis remains my favorite PT finals of all time, and I think that the color commentary by Brian Hacker is simply the best commentary ever, or at least until you get to BDM's bluff discussion in Karsten v. Soh. You should really just go download it now. It's awesome.

There are many formats that fall under the term Competitive. (Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, etc.) These formats have strict rules about which cards are legal, and use 60-card decks, with a 15-card sideboards. The matches are played in a best-of-three fashion.

This is also a useful MTG companion app for players who wish to search/organize cards, sets, and decks, totally FREE of charge. With an always up-to-date database, virtual card trader tool, deck simulator, and tracker, this is a superb app for any avid magic player or collector. And thanks to its extensive database, you can look up any and every card ever printed. Players have taken to using the app for checking card rulings and values as well.

In our latest article, Zen Takahashi analyses the best Legacy decks and comes up with his Top 10 Legacy decks of 2022. If you are curious to find out if your deck made the cut, or simply interested in what's going on in Legacy these days, keep on reading right here!

What about a deck that I played only a few times, but consider a lot? Deck of the famous The Ur-Dragon, the second-best commander with the Eminence ability in this set (spoiler: I'll talk about the first one below), extremely absurd since eminence is absurdly broken, where it works even with the commander in the Command Zone. The fact that it reduces the costs of all dragons by one generic mana makes the deck even more powerful.

The deck's alternate commander is Durnan of the Yawning Portal. Durnan is not usually associated with Baldur's Gate, hailing instead from the city of Waterdeep. He's the bartender and owner of the Yawning Portal inn, which serves as the best known entrance to the Undermountain. To represent his nature as gatekeeper to the horrific creatures of the Undermountain, Durnan allows players to exile a creature from the top of their deck when they attack, and then reduce its cost by three. Green is a great color identity, so players don't have to be too picky when deciding on a background for him, and the deck's included background, Passionate Archaeologist, is probably the best choice.

Looking to play a slower, grindy game, this mono black deck relies on the awesome power of Sheoldred, The Apocalypse, powerful removal like Invoke Despair, and one of the best MTG Vehicles, Reckoner Bankbuster, for card draw.

Still kicking around from Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, this synergistic deck does just what it did at the start of the year. It takes advantage of the best MTG enchantments and enchantment payoffs in Standard, piling up +1/+1 counters and throwing big dudes at your enemies.

Fine, one more midrange deck. The Jund Midrange deck packs the biggest, highest mana cost threats in Standard currently, huge green creatures like Titan of Industry and Workshop Warchief. It gets fantastic use out of these by leveraging one of the best cards of the year, Fable of the Mirror-breaker.

The original archetype from the early nineties is represented here, and I can say it does not look very promising. While it does have some fairly insane cards, having to win with Serra Angel is anemic. It looks to have some good matchups due to the countermagic and four main-decked Disenchants, such as Trix, Pros Bloom, and Affinity, but overall, I think the deck is a bit too weak. However, I think this is the deck that has the potential to surprise me the most since it does have a good amount of individually powerful cards. It does feel like a deck that people will overbid on since they see all the Power Nine cards it is packing.

We are fast approaching modern times, this time with one of the most defining decks of recent Standard. While I fondly remember how good this deck was in its time, I think it might secretly be among the worst decks of this event. Mana Leak and Spell Pierce are not really the best pieces of disruption, and Caw-Blade cannot put a very fast clock on the opponent either. This means your opponent will have plenty of time to play around your disruption and kill you. This deck might be okay against some of the other fair decks, but considering how many combo decks are present in this event, I would feel fairly uncomfortable being the one casting Squadron Hawks. That said, I still think this is better than LauerPotence against the field.

Ranking up the MTG ladder with the best Standard decks can get accomplished via your choice of Aggro, Midrange, or Control decks. The release of Phyrexia: All Will Be One (ONE) brought about a boost to MTG cards on the secondary market that are worth money, in addition to returning mechanics like Proliferate and a new take on Poison counters through Toxic.

Players ranking up the best-of-one ladder on MTG Arena are all too familiar with Venerated Rotpriest and Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief Selesnya Toxic deck. The Standard meta deck has gone through a variety of changes since ONE was released, moving away from the Rotpriest and Spellthief combo.

Refusing to get pushed out of the Standard meta as one of the best decks was Grixis Midrange, along with Azorius Soldiers. Jund Midrange has bounced back out of B-tier status thanks to Glissa Sunslayer from ONE while Esper Legends is popping off thanks to the addition of Skrelv, Defector Mite.

The fact that many of the best cardsyou receive from training are black is another reason I recommendpurchasing Liliana as your first planeswalker, as you can swap outmany of the bad cards from her starter deck and not bother withmastering them.

Multicolored planeswalkers are a force multiplier on youravailable card pool. They allow you to play powerful decks withoutstraining your color mastery. However, your mana crystal income islimited at this stage, so you should focus on only buying the best ofthe best as they appear in rotation, covered below. 041b061a72


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