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I help you understanding how to support your body and experience an improved quality of life with Hypermobility.

Online coaching and support products for bendy and burnt out bodies.

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Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

  • Not being able to stand for long periods of time. 

  • Feeling tired and fatigued often throughout the day. 

  • Have a hard time peeling yourself out of bed. 

  • Constantly running into things (the clumsy one). 

  • Having anxiety or racing thoughts often. 

  • Feeling dizzy when you stand up too quickly. 

  • AND of course, being more bendy than most. 

If you read through this list and started to think....

"Hmm, that's oddly relatable."

Guess what... I was you! 

Dealing with some or all of these random, confusing and unexplainable symptoms with my body and mind. Not understanding they were all connected OR knowing there was something I could do. 

In came Hypermobility.... and everything started making sense. The puzzle pieces started coming together and as I learned how to care for myself my quality of life drastically started to improve. 

This is what I am here to help you experience. 

My 3-step process for living a beautiful, bendy & balanced life: 

1. Book Your Initial Consult

In our 90 minute consult, we will go over everything together! Sleep, energy, your cycle, nutrition methods, hydration, and so much more. 

We will get to the root of your biggest frustrations so we can come up with your step by step solutions. 

2. We Talk It Out

After you initial consult, we go over your personalized plan to help you live an improved quality of life with Hypermobility. 

I take a very holistic and personalized approach so we can create sustainable and obtainable shifts. 

3. Plan & Solve Your Problems 

Now it's time to embrace the hype life! Start shifting your lifestyle and habits with your customized plan. We take incremental 1% shifts that add up to really positive change overtime. 

In the end, you will end up way more in tune with your body and experiencing a much better quality of life. 

Taking care of your Hypermobile body doesn't have to be frustrating or confusing - it's the simple shifts that go the farthest. Let's discover your superpower. 

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Amanda W.

"Brit is carefully and patiently helping me learn how my body works and why these things are happening. I have never felt more in touch with what is going on internally and I am certain it will only continue to improve.”

Hypermobility Coaching


Hey, I'm Dr. Brit!

I am a Mom, Wife, Physical Therapist, Coach, Gardener, and Educator

Outside of my family, there is nothing I love more than helping women tune into their bodies and the world around them so they can learn how to care for themselves on an intrinsic and instinctive level. 

I have used my life experiences combined with my professional expertise in women's health and the pelvic floor to come up with a program to help women's who are hypermobile that works from the inside out to create life long, deeply nourishing results and improve quality of life. 


If I do say so myself, my newsletter is pretty epic. 

In the Bendy, Bold + Balanced newsletter you can expect to receive Hypermobility insider tips and tricks.

➾ Tried and tested Hypermobility hacks to improve your quality of life
➾ My favorite equipment for your hypermobile body
➾ Leading research on Hypermobility

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